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Just Who Am I?



I’m Amy.

I’m a mother, a Gigi, a recovering Type A, a widow for too long (!), a certified coach and yoga instructor, and a disciple of Christ.

I grew up in a small NC town where life centered on church, school, and community. Ours wasn’t a wealthy town by any means, and my sweet mama was a factory worker of over 45 years. She instilled so many good traits in me, always reminding me to wrote thank you notes, to never leave the house without color on my lips, and to remain humble. Watching her emerge from the tunnel that ran below the train tracks, hot and sweaty after a day in the mill, really had an impact on me. She had opportunities to go to college and to take better jobs, but she showed up at that factory everyday for over four decades, minus the couple years after I was born and the two years she was home following a nervous breakdown. Her story is what really led me to what I do today, growing women in their faith, self-esteem, and creating purposeful and balanced lives.

My daddy was a prisoner of war in WW II, a survivor of the Bataan Death March and a POW for nearly four years. He had severe PTSD (before that label had been attached to the condition) in my early childhood but overcame it and went on to speak to groups around the country about his experiences. He ran a ministry for 20 years, providing food, clothing, and money to many of the underserved in our county; and he mentored numerous young adults who were navigating alcohol issues and trying to stay out of trouble. He also served on our town council for 17 years. Daddy was my greatest teacher in life, encouraging me to always learn, to stay focused, and to keep the faith.

I became a widow when my sons were 8 and 3 after my husband and his father were killed at sea, four years following my husband’s near-fatal car accident that cost him a leg and that resulted in us losing our business and pretty much everything else.  It’s been a life!

My mission in life is to encourage hope in others to the glory of God, through my coaching, writing, yoga, and retreats. As a certified life, grief, and stress-relief coach (three distinct certifications!), I want to help YOU overcome your overwhelm and live the life God has called you to live!

 Women are caretakers; but sadly, we too often put our own needs last. Yes, that old “put on your oxygen mask before you help the kids with theirs” command does have great value.

I welcome the opportunity to walk with you on your grief journey, to help you manage your stress, and to guide you in creating a better and more God-honoring life.

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    Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.
    -Helen Keller