What exactly IS coaching?

A coach is a certified (ideally!) professional who is trained to help clients move forward from where they are right now. A coach does not focus on the past, but takes the client from where she is at this moment and helps her walk in forward motion. Coaching is client-driven, coach supported, and action-focused. In a coaching relationship, the client is the driver, but the coach holds her accountable and helps her look at other ways of thinking or doing things. She also is her client’s CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer)!


Are You Seeking to . . .

  • Grow your faith?
  • Bolster your self-esteem and self-confidence?
  • Create a positive mindset?
  • Start a new chapter in your life?
  • Have accountability and guidance for specific goals?
  • Manage your stress and live a more calm and balanced life?
  • Heal your grief?

My coaching sessions are tailored to each individual client with detailed and encouraging follow-up plans. A session may involve a few areas of coaching, and another might focus on stress coaching and yoga. I help my clients look at new and out-of-the-box ways of doing things, cultivate a positive mindset, and so much more. With each session, my goal is to create a confidential, nurturing, and joyful space and to cover it in prayer. In my coaching sessions, it is understood that there are three of us present: the client, the coach, and the Spirit.

Are you ready to GROW in your life, to heal what needs healing, and to create a life that is God-honoring and filled with joy and purpose? You CAN, and I would be so honored to work with you! Connect with me for a FREE 30-minute, no-obligation phone call. I would love to chat with you about your goals!



Coaching Certifications

I hold six distinct certifications in coaching:

  • Professional Life Coach
  • Christian Life Coach
  • Joy Restoration
  • Christian Grief Coach
  • Stress-Relief Coach
  • Retreat Coach

I have had the wonderful privilege of studying under two world-renown coaches. I earned my Retreat Coach certification through Coach Helene Van Manen, a Master Coach and founder of the International Retreat Coach Network (www.retreatcoaches.com); and I earned my other certifications under Leelo Bush, Ph.D, founder of the Professional Christian Coaching and Counseling Academy (www.pccca.org).

I am a magna cum laude graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (B.S. in Education) and hold a Masters of Arts degree in Adult Education. I am a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and have served on the boards and councils of such organizations as Girls on the Run and Women United.



Coaching Packages

It takes a client at least four sessions to create positive change and forward movement, so I only offer coaching packages and not individual sessions. Together, we’ll decide how frequently we meet, as the real work takes place between sessions!

I currently offer three coaching packages:



$500 or 2 payments of $250

Get rooted in God’s love, own your gift and talents, create your personal mission statement, clear your thought process, and take action on your goals!


  • Four 1.5 hour coaching sessions on Zoom, FaceTime, or in person (if you live in my area)
  • Weekly personal motivational/inspirational video message from me
  • Weekly checking via text or email
  • Summary of each session with key insights, goals, action plan, and encouragement


Creating Real Change!

$795 or 3 payments of $265


  • All of the above plus two additional 1.5 hour coaching sessions


Body, Mind, Spirit!

$1,000 or 4 monthly payments of $250


  • All the benefits and sessions of the Breakthrough! and Creating Real Change! Packages
  • Two one-hour Christ-centered yoga or Christ-centered breathwork and meditation sessions



Let’s Get Started

I’m excited to talk to you about how we can connect and help you move forward into all the joy and opportunities God has planned for you.

Here’s what some of my past and current clients have to say:


Amy is a person of high integrity with a servant’s heart!

J. M., Birmingham, AL

“I am so grateful for Amy’s kindness, graciousness and tenacity. She quickly helped me identify blockages including fear and self-doubt that were holding me back from pursuing a major writing project. She helped clear the clutter and provided a framework for me to accomplish my goals in manageable stages and continues to hold me accountable when I veer off course.

Amy is a fabulous coach who meets you where you are and firmly, yet lovingly challenges you to be your very best. She is not only my coach, but has also become one of my biggest cheerleaders and prayer warriors.”

C. S. S., Norfolk, Virginia

When Amy was studying Christian Life Coaching, I was one of her practice clients. Even then, she exhibited the ability to listen well and ask pertinent, clarifying questions. Since then, I have witnessed her dedication to personal and professional growth. In the past year, I made an appointment to see her for Joy Restoration in the aftermath of my granddaughter’s death at birth. She was wonderful. She was a compassionate presence who listened with kindness and asked questions that spurred me on and gave me permission to pursue the things that brought me joy. The burden of my grief journey was made lighter by her very knowledgeable, tender approach. It is a joy for me to recommend her!

K. D., Virginia Beach, Virginia

I never practiced yoga until Amy started offering it at my church. I now practice on a regular basis with Amy. I love how she not only leads us in a yoga practice, constantly reminding us to listen to our bodies. She leads us in a prayerful worship during this practice, so that when I leave I feel not only physically renewed but also spiritually. My husband and I coordinate a ministry for persons who experience disabilities and we use a simple technique when we pray that she taught us. We lift our “hand, eyes and hearts to God.” We have been doing this for a few months now, and our participants now automatically do this for prayer, although we still remind them.

S. S., Virginia Beach, Virginia

Thank you, Amy, for sharing your faith and your expertise at our Holy Yoga sessions. I look forward to our time together. I appreciate how you guide us to honor our individual body, however it presents that day. The scripture themes are always meaningful and timely. I leave our sessions refreshed, my body and soul in such a good place.

You are truly a blessing.

S. H., Virginia Beach, Virginia

In the time I worked with Amy, she helped me achieve at 180 degree shift on how I viewed my job and its role in my life. I stopped seeing it as an obligatory burden and began appreciating it as a dream-enabling gift. Since working with Amy I have hit new career milestones, experienced greater job satisfaction, and most importantly found the harmony between work and life that I desperately sought.

K. T., Virginia Beach, Virginia

Amy was such a supporting, caring, and trustworthy coach. I felt like I could tell her anything without being judged or looked down upon. She gave me the reassurance and confidence I needed to move forward with my life. She also gave me practical exercises and short-term goals that I could work towards. She has such a bright spirit and was so encouraging and supportive. I would definitely recommend Amy to any of my friends!                  

J. L., Herndon, Virginia

Amy, you soar way past 10, but rock star stellar is rather accurate. So 10+!!!!!

What sets you apart is how classy, intelligent, wise and humble you are while also exuding total confidence and tact. I was so impressed with your ability to be down to earth and honest about your own struggles as well as achievements. You showed me very clearly that you don’t think you are superior to your clients, nor did you ever come across as a know-it-all or tell me what to do. You are gently supportive while also fiercely encouraging and believing in your client’s follow through. You listened so carefully and paid such attention to what was going on with me and found different ways of helping me gain insight and work toward goals in a way that resonated. I think you understood exactly what would work best for me to start getting on track and making progress once again.

M, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Getting married, buying a home, having children and going through all their wonderful milestones and achievements, achieving financial stability, all of that was exciting, busy, and exhausting. However, the wheels seemed to be turning at a rapid pace, and then they stopped, and there I was on the other side of midlife. So many thoughts about how to navigate my journey more towards myself while still being the mother/grandmother of my growing family. I finally had the time and resources to do the things I wanted to do. I didn’t know where to begin and which needs/wants to focus on first. With Amy, I was able to organize these ideas and prioritize them. I began to see that self-care wasn’t selfish and that it was good for my family to see me happy and engaged outside of them. Each meeting with Amy made me feel empowered, inspired, and with the determination to make things happen. She challenged me to slow down and savor in some areas and also to get up and get moving in other areas. Amy has my highest recommendation. 

S. T. W., Virginia Beach, Virginia

Amy is a gift! She tailored every session to my specific goals and needs. She never lost sight of where I was heading, even when I felt like I was going off course. Amy used my strengths to help me make positive changes in my life and I will be forever grateful!

A. W., Chesapeake, Virginia

“Thank you” does not begin to cover what Amy has helped me accomplish. Who knew you could have a plan and live in the moment, too?
D. S., Huntsville, Alabama

Amy helped me grow in so many ways and for that I am truly thankful. It was definitely a God thing that we crossed paths. She is exactly the Christian role model and woman that I aspire to be. Her encouragement and support have given me the lift that I needed to press forward. Thank you so much, Amy, for working with me. My life has truly been blessed by you.

L.L., Virginia Beach, Virginia

Amy is an amazing life coach. She assisted me through a very difficult time in my career and life, acting as a sounding board and offering insight I was not able to see on my own. She is very supportive, wise, and objective. She pushed me to remain accountable to myself and be strong in the face of adversity. Today I am a much happier person thanks to Amy’s guidance.

K.F., Virginia Beach, Virginia

Amy really listens and has a compassion that lets you know it’s okay to share your heart. Her activities encourage creativity, and I love that!

D. D. W.

Amy has been a mentor to me personally for over 10 years. I keep coming back to her for inspiration and advice for all aspects of my life including my career, my family, and spirituality. She has comforting ear and leads by example. I am so thankful to have her in my life and I would highly recommend her services.

N. P.

As a life coach/speaker, Amy Walton offers her clients a unique experience! Her expertise allows her to participate in creative collaboration and problem-solving.


I worked with Amy during a time in my life when I was at a crossroads in my life, you could say I was going through somewhat of a mid-life crisis. Amy made me feel centered again, forced me to remember and recognize my gifts and talents and things that are beautiful about me. She made me happy to be me again. I will be forever grateful to Amy for the time we spent together. I use some of the techniques she taught me in my day to day life now and have some of the messages she sent and gave me posted so I will remember. We all go through times of feeling low and have moments of fear. We have to remember that we are not alone and things will get better.


Just yesterday, I was recommending one of Amy’s clarifying workshops to a friend. When Amy shares her wisdom, it sticks! Amy is a wonderful guide to escort you out of any hole you’ve dug for yourself.

A. S.

Be prepared to spend a good amount of time on your homework when you are working with a life coach but then also enjoy the benefit of that homework in incredible self-discovery and moving to a better place in your life. I highly recommend Amy – she’s a wonderful coach!

D. W.

I don’t know what I would have done without Amy. I have grown so much in the time I have worked with her as my coach.

P. W.

Amy’s retreat continues to occupy my heart and mind. It has made a profound difference in my perspective, and I am so grateful.


Amy was my life coach last summer during a time where I was feeling off track. I knew what to do. I knew how to answer. I just had lost my energy and motivation for the day to day. Having allowed my circumstances to get into crisis level, I finally allowed her in. Her insight, gentleness and sincere devotion to me allowed me to hear what I needed to hear. Her friendship, coaching and prayers gave me the framework to work out the things that I was deeming selfish or insignificant and reclaim some of the lost parts of me. I heartily recommend her to any woman who is ready to reclaim her life and walk in her God given potential.
B. Z.

I certainly count meeting Amy among my greatest blessings.  Over the years, her warm heart, kind spirit and devotion to God’s words and plan have provided much-need guidance and affirmation during times of transition and uncertainly in my life.  Whether in a one-on-one conversation, in her workshops, in phone-based groups or reading her online blogs, she has proven to be a wonderful listener and a prayerful, gracious advisor.  Her words of wisdom have comforted me over and over again through the years.  Her life story is inspirational, and I am delighted she’s made the commitment to mentor and counsel women of faith.


S. L.

* Please note that I am not a licensed counselor. People quite often need a coach rather than a counselor to help them move them forward, but others-dues to past hurts and emotional or medical issues-need counselors. Recommendations will be made as deemed necessary.