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                                                  Release, Desire, and Create:
                                              A Three-Part Coaching Program
                                                            for Women
                                           Who Want to Live Their Best Lives!

Starting this month, I am offering 5 women the opportunity to really buckle down, do some reflection and work, and put into action their goals and intentions to live their best lives. 

How does this work?

As a client, you will receive two one-hour individual coaching sessions, via an online platform (Zoom, FaceTime, or Facebook Messenger video). In the first session, you’ll be releasing those things (behaviors, activities, people, etc.) that are draining your physical and mental energy. As your coach, I will help you establish boundaries and lead you in a releasing ritual.

In the second session, you’ll identify what you want more of in 2022, and you’ll set two action steps for each goal or intention.

The third session will be a vision board workshop for the entire group of 5 women. This workshop will take place after all women have completed their first two sessions. I teach what I think (hope!) are highly effective vision board workshops IF you choose to do the work… and it’s simple but very powerful!

If this speaks to your heart, and you are read to claim your spot (there are only 5!), please click on the link at the end of this section. Once you have registered and paid, I’ll contact you about scheduling your first session, and I’ll email you a “What’s Draining You?” assessment to help you start acknowledging what’s zapping you.

Another thing that makes this special is the investment: $145 for all three sessions! That’s just a few dollars more than my fee for an individual coaching session, but you are getting THREE sessions and taking important steps to live your best year ever!

I look forward to helping you release, desire, and create in 2022!

Let’s get you off on the right foot for 2022! Click below to claim your spot (There are only 5!):

 Come Practice With Me!

I feel so blessed and fortunate to teach yoga at Shine Yoga, a sweet and special studio located across from the historic Princess Anne County Courthouse in Virginia Beach. If you’d like to take one of my classes in January, here’s my schedule: 

January 5, 12, 19, and 26 from 9:30-10:45amHatha Blend (Hatha yoga postures, breath work, meditation, and energy work)

January 15, 9:30-10:30am- Slow Flow

My Hatha Blend and Slow Flow classes are beginner friendly, but a knowledge of basic postures helps. Don’t let that frighten you! I give good directives and will help you modify as needed.

To learn more about our classes and workshops at Shine Yoga, please visit https://www.shineyogavabeach.com/.

What’s Your Personal Mission Statement?

Do you KNOW what your personal mission statement is?

A personal mission statement, not unlike a corporate one, is a guide and a filter for what you are doing with your life. These days I run everything through my personal mission statement, which is the following:

I exist to encourage hope in others to the glory of God.

That statement didn’t just pop into my head. I have a GREAT activity to help you create your own mission statement, and I’m offering a special Mission Statement Coaching Session to help you. 

Here’s how it works:

Upon registering for the session, I’ll send you the activity via email. The directions are very clear, but feel free to reach out if you get stuck. Once you’ve completed the activity and have your mission statement, we’ll schedule a one-hour coaching session to discuss how your life meshes with your statement and how to use your mission statement as a guide for your life.  It’s a fun (though a bit difficult for some) activity, but the result can really help you stay on track in your life.

Fee: $45

To register, click below:

Private and Group Yoga Instruction

I offer both private and group yoga and meditation sessions.

In this continuing time of social distancing, I can teach a yoga class for your small group (no more than five people) in an outdoor environment, such as your deck, yard, office, or on the beach!

My private and couple one-hour sessions can be taught at your home, office, or any outdoor environment. Each session includes meditation on scripture and prayer and may very well be one of the most moving things you’ve done in a while (both literally and figuratively)!

To chat with me about teaching a group class, please email me at amywaltoncoaching@gmail.com.

To reserve your private session, please click on the “Buy Now” button, and you will receive a phone call within 24 hours to schedule your class.




Private Meditation Sessions

I offer 45-minute private meditation sessions on Zoom and FaceTime. Each session is customized for the individual client and includes breath work, centering prayer, lectio divina meditation, and soaking prayer.

Lectio divina is an ancient method of meditation on scripture that is absent of any person or theology’s influence, allowing the participant to hear God as He speaks to her individually. Each session can be recorded, at the client’s request, and emailed to her afterwards for future meditation.

To reserve your private meditation and prayer session, please click on the “Buy Now” icon. Once I receive your registration and payment, I will call you within 24 hours to chat with you about your needs and will schedule your session.