When I went through Holy Yoga’s Ignite Leadership Program, I had to create a personal mission statement.

As a certified life coach and Christian life coach, I’d already done a couple such exercises in my coaching studies, and I’ve used mission statement activities with clients here and there, but the best one I have EVER used is the Holy Yoga activity. It wasn’t an easy task, but what I ended up with didn’t surprise me:

I exist to encourage hope in others to the glory of God.

That’s my personal mission statement that covers every area of my life… or should. Hope is one of my top 3 values, something I’ve always known and that was confirmed through a values clarification assessment (another tool I use with clients). I always have hope, and I do, indeed– through my speaking, writing, and coaching– try to encourage others to have hope in God and in their lives.

Until I don’t.

As I write this, we of the Christian faith are one week way from Holy Week, the holiest time of the year as we experience Jesus’s journey to the cross, His crucifixion, and His resurrection. We’ve been on a Lenten journey that should change our hearts and give us a big reset in our Christian walk.

One of my daily practices during this time has been to write a card and to pray for someone or a couple each day. It’s really blessed me!

And yet… and yet, this “hope encourager” fails everyday… just like you.

What good is it if I offer loads of encouragement in my weekly videos but quietly unfriend someone who really needs to hear a message of hope?


How can I publish a blog on a national site about how all of us are created in God’s image then turn around and judge or bad mouth someone?


How can I hold space for a coaching client, praying with her and trying to be a mentor of integrity then stomp around my house or drive down the road uttering expletives about people I know and don’t know?


Lent is a great big reset.

And like anything in life, we take a few steps forward, then fall back a step or two.

My name is Amy, and I exist to encourage hope in others to the glory of God.

And that’s my focus the remainder of Lent and beyond.

Will I fail to live up to this lofty mission?

Of course. I am a human being, and while that’s not an excuse, it is truth, and we are all immoral in a few ways.

But I will intentionally put both of my best feet and my HEART forward!

How about you? What’s your mission? How are you living it?

Be as true to your mission as you can, give yourself grace when you fall short, and take your own big RESET seriously!


Amy Walton is a multi-certified coach, author, and Christian yogini who lives in coastal Virginia. She can be hypersensitive and a bit hard on herself at times, but she gives herself grace and resets. She encourages you to do the same! If you’d like to explore and create your own mission statement or are interested in any of her offerings, connect with her at amywaltoncoaching@gmail.com.