The words “adore” and “adoration” rarely leave my mouth.

Trust me on this: If I have ever said TO or ABOUT someone that I adore that person, you can bet your life that I, indeed, adore (d) them because there have been few people I can honestly say I adore. It’s a strong word that I have used only about a rare few who have made my heart sing (children, grands, treasured friends, and maybe one or two SO’s). I take the word pretty seriously.

Recently, I decided to start making time to go to my church one morning a week and sit in adoration as I pray and meditate on God’s Word and hymns. The word adoration means worship or veneration, as well as deep love and respect; and that’s what I do: I sit before the Blessed Sacrament–a mystery with which I still sometimes struggle (I believe, Lord, help my unbelief), and I ADORE Him, just like the magi did all those many centuries ago.

It’s hard for me to explain how peaceful I feel sitting there in the Lord’s presence. In my faith, I believe He lives within me and is always with me but that He’s present in the consecrated bread, too. I sit. I pray. I meditate on hymns. I read scripture, and I pray some more and continue meditating.

And I’ve been laying SO much at His feet.

I’m a pray-er. In other words, I PRAY! I set aside time in the mornings to pray for 20 minutes or so, but I pray throughout the day, too, quick little prayers, but I know He hears me. There’s something really special, though, about praying before the Blessed Sacrament in a space where many prayers uttered by thousands of people have ascended over the decades.

The last year or so has been challenging when it comes to my heart. A family breakup that I have largely witnessed thousands of miles away. Not having a proper goodbye with my former daughter-in-law. Not having a proper goodbye with another person who meant so much to me. Continuing to seek God’s will and pull into greater ministry.

So I have been laying it all at His feet. My grief over a fractured family. My grief over others. My need for change and diving deeper into ministering to others. Total surrender, which is NOT easy.

Yet, even when my heart has been unbearably heavy, I feel this incredible peace that washes over me in that space. Paul wrote about the peace that transcends all understanding (Philippians 4:7), and this is exactly what comes to mind when I sit quietly for 45 minutes or so and adore and pray and meditate.

One of my favorite Christmas carols is “O Come, All Ye Faithful.” Its chorus beckons us with “O, come, let us adore Him.”

Indeed, indeed.

Adore Him. Lay it all at His feet.  Surrender.

Let His peace bathe you, and rest in the knowledge that He’s always at work.

Always has been and always will be.


Amy Walton is a certified Christian life coach, writer, and Holy Yoga instructor who is learning to rest in the the beautiful practices of adoration and surrender. Looking to go deeper in your own life and ministry? Contact her at, and start that conversation. She’s a really good listener… except when she’s sometimes multitasking.