As a Christian, I am called to live out my faith and to BE Christ to everyone I encounter–personally or online.

And boy, do I fail BIG time each and everyday.

What about you? If you are a Christ follower and your relationship with the Triune God is THE most important thing in your life, then you are called to BE Him to everyone you meet.

I think most people want to do the right thing, but the darker and angrier sides of our humanity often spew forth, especially in times of conflict with others. We react without thinking. We say things we don’t mean. We hurt others, and in turn, hurt ourselves.

Each morning, as I am praising God for all His goodness, I ask Him to forgive my sins (both the things I have done and have failed to do). And I add the following request:

Help me to be your eyes, ears, mouth, hands, feet, and heart to everyone I meet, everyone whom I encounter, whether in person or online.

And again, I usually fail.

No, I ALWAYS fail… and I am betting you to do, and we aren’t even aware of it. We think not-so-pleasant thoughts about someone. We judge them in our minds. We lash out in conversations with people who don’t give us a chance to speak. We’d rather indulge our Starbucks craving rather than toss a few latte dollars into the church plate or toward a worthwhile ministry. We could create a endless list of ways in which we are NOT being Christ to others.

Here is my daily prayer. I hope you will pray it yourself–maybe aloud–and vow to live it out today:

Help me, Father, to be your

Eyes– Let me see everyone who comes into my line of vision, in person and online (including social media and news), as YOU see them. I may not agree with their words or lifestyle, but they are your creations, and I honor that. You love them; show me to love them, too.

Ears- Help to hear not only my family and friends’ needs and prayer requests, but to hear–really hear– the cries of the poor, the lonely, the outcast, the hurting.

Mouth- Constantly remind me to speak kindly to others, to speak life and to not tear others down with harsh words that can’t be retracted. You have the words of life. We should, too.

Hands- How can I use my hands to be you? I hold them in prayer position at my heart, offering prayers for others. I can use them to cook a meal for someone ill or recuperating. I can play a musical instrument to bring someone joy. I can write or type a note to lift up or encourage someone. The use of my hands in being YOU is endless.

Feet- Where can I go? Where will I allow my feet to trod on the steps you lay out for me? Lead me…

Heart- If my heart is pure and loving, if I’m a person after YOUR heart, just like your servant David, then all my above requests will align. All of our hearts can be cruel. Help me to picture your vibrant, loving light shining in my heart and out onto the faces of everyone I see. Help me to love fiercely and to serve with heart.

Help me to get out of my own way and yours and to allow YOU to work through ME to be YOU.



Amy Walton is a certified coach and Holy Yoga instructor (among other roles!) living on the coast of Virginia. She has green eyes, lopsided ears, a mouth awaiting more orthodontics, hands that never sport manicured nails, and feet that have taken too many beatings over the years. She hopes her heart is in better shape, and she seeks to use them all as a vessel of God’s love. Connect with her at