A Photo of My Mother in Palm Beach in the 1950s With Her Beloved Silver Leaf Bracelet on Top


I recently wrapped up my umpteenth Bible study in the women’s ministry program I so love and in which I co-lead a small group. We studied Priscilla Shirer’s wonderful book “The Resolution for Women.”

One of the last chapters was about leaving a legacy. It made me think about what kind of legacy I am leaving. I’ve always wanted to have a positive impact on people, to be an encourager, and to spread a little joy; but after sitting with that particular chapter, I now–more than ever–just want to leave a legacy for my children and grandchildren.

The above photo shows my then 20 or 30 something year-old mother on vacation, and the bracelet is a lovely sterling piece that was one of her longtime faves. Both were sitting in my house, nestled among other heirlooms, for a few years. I sent them to my middle granddaughter, who has these items displayed in a special place. Another granddaughter now owns the lovely sterling necklace Russ brought me from Costa Rica back in 1992. We can’t take this stuff with us when we die, and I love writing letters to my grands with stories about these treasures.

The bigger legacies I am leaving my family–I hope–are faith in God, a work ethic, the importance of self-care, and the importance of family.

This really hit home recently when I was in NC for a cousin’s funeral. To see his widow (my beloved cousin), children, in-laws, and grandchildren greeting people, carrying his coffin (the grandchildren were the pallbearers), and hearing his love for his family, his land, and his Lord… well, I really started thinking about my own family and am more determined than ever to invest my legacy building there.

What legacy are you leaving and to whom?

In this age when so many aspire to be “influencers” and many, for the sake of simply being an influencer (whatever that means!), I choose to leave a life-giving legacy for my loved ones, a legacy of faith and the other things I previously mentioned.

Occasionally I will ask a coaching client, “What legacy are you building or do you want to leave?”


That question right there can lead to a path of forward movement that can change the lives of both the legacy donor and the recipients.

So, I ask you: What legacy are you leaving? And for whom?

Be the catalyst for a mighty heritage of faith and love.

Can I get an AMEN?!


Amy Walton received from her parents a legacy of faith, love, simplicity, and a thirst for learning, all of which she hopes she’s passing on to her loved ones. She’s also a certified Christian life coach, grief coach, and stress-relief coach who would be honored to journey with women who are truly serious about making significant changes in their lives. Connect with her at amywaltoncoaching@gmail.com.