I just passed my three life “barometers,” three dates on the calendar that cause me to pause and reflect a bit more on my life, especially what I have accomplished and whom I’ve impacted.

My three life barometers are my birthday, my oldest granddaughter’s birthday, and the anniversary of my late husband’s death.  All three dates fall in just over a monthlong period.

And what do these dates trigger in me?

A reflection on how I have lived and am living my life.

This is sort of how my thoughts run:

My birthday (March 17): “I have x number of years until I am 80, and I hope to be an active 80-year old. What still remains that I want to accomplish or do in terms of ministry/work and travel? What legacy am I leaving and want to leave? What’s left in this life that I have not done but want to do?”

Note: These are questions I often ask coaching clients, and it really helps them give voice to their goals and hopes.

My oldest granddaughter’s birthday (April 8): “Am I living my life in a way that my granddaughters (all of them) can respect? What legacy or lessons am I imparting to them and how? What have I done in my life since my eldest granddaughter was born? What do I still want to do with her before she finishes high school?”

My late husband’s death anniversary (April 28): “Have I lived a life that would be pleasing to him? Am I living such a life now? What have I done in my life that he would be proud of, especially in raising our sons and in my own leadership and work?”

We all have gauges or yardsticks by which we measure ourselves. What are yours?

And if you don’t feel you are “measuring up” somehow, ask how you can turn that around and make some changes that will help you feel proud and … yes, measuring up.

Remember this, though: Even though I believe we should use our God-given gifts and our God-breathed lives in service to others, I also believe God loves us as we are.

Our lives should have purpose, and we should always have goals; otherwise, we’d have little to look forward to. Life barometers or gauges are good things, but don’t beat yourself up.

If you aren’t measuring up, consider working with a professional Christian Life Coach (I happen to know one!) to help you. Not only can I help you give voice to your talents and goals, but I can also help you get grounded in your worth as a child of God who really doesn’t need to “perform!”



Amy Walton is a multi-certified coach and a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200) who loves helping her coaching and yoga clients live with joy and purpose. She measures up at 5 glorious feet tall! Connect with her at amywaltoncoaching@gmail.com.