Earlier this week, I finished the 40-day prayer challenge in Mark Batterson’s “Draw the Circle.” This was my third go round with this wonderful book and challenge, and I was bound on this journey with 6 of my dearest friends, whose breakthroughs I loved hearing about.

 I wish I could tell you I have had breakthroughs during this challenge, but I’d be lying. Truthfully, I feel as though I have been under attack. I don’t discount such things when someone is trying to encourage others in their faith.

A few takeaways, though:

1. Batterson writes about watchtowers, and I do have a “watchtower, “ a place in my home where thirty years ago God answered a broke and broken widow’s earnest plea not once, but twice, within five minutes. Those answers were so crystal clear and literally in black and white. One day soon I will write about that morning. Maybe I should have spent more time in my circle there instead of writing my requests and circling them over and over.

2. Just because my prayers have yet to be answered (and the timing of some requests wouldn’t come until a few months anyway), that doesn’t mean they won’t be answered.

3. I need to have faith that my prayers will be answered, but maybe it’s time to stop praying for certain things that just aren’t meant to be, even if I thought they were. I do believe God protects us from situations by giving us a great big NO.

In the last year, I have been bold in my prayers to God, but I always pray His will, too.  My DESIRES may not be what I NEED.

In his homily last weekend, my priest said, “ What we desire and what we need are not always the same.” He’s right, no question.

I recently deactivated my Facebook accounts (both personal and business) because I need a clear head this next month or so as I continue to listen for God’s voice and to make some decisions about my life. Working largely from home has been a HUGE challenge, and I am going to change that. I am so grateful for my home, but it’s really time to let go of it and move on. The task of prepping it for sale overwhelms me.

Three years ago I thought I was on the path God intended for me in a few areas, and now I’m questioning everything.

Desires. Needs. Questions. Prayer.

The journey continues…


Amy Walton is a multi-certified coach, author, speaker, and yoga instructor who, in her current place in life, is seeking love, working outside the home, and looking forward to new adventures. Connect with her at amywaltoncoaching@gmail.com.