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Maybe you’re just coming out of a rough patch in your life, and you’re ready to make a fresh start. In that case, moving to a new city may be just the thing to get your life back on track. Moving, however, requires quite a bit of research, planning, and practicality, so read on for some tips and tricks to help you make a smooth move.

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Find Your New City

Your first step is deciding which city or town you want to call home. Narrow down your list of potential cities to four or five, then make a list of pros and cons for each of them. Consider factors including the job market, desirable neighborhoods, shopping, activities, home prices, cost of living, safety, transportation, and points of special interest. Look at the balance between pros and cons for your cities to determine which one is right for you.

Discover Your New Home

Next, you must search for your new home. Take a look at an online real estate site to get a feel for housing or rental prices in your chosen city. Pick out some neighborhoods you like, and see if the homes or apartments there fit into your budget. Take virtual tours of possible properties or make a weekend trip to look at places in person.

Move Like a Pro

When you’ve chosen your new home and everything is ready to go, it’s time to make your move. You can pack up and move with a rental truck, but if this seems like an overwhelming amount of work and stress, consider hiring a mover.

Start by researching a few moving companies online. Read customer reviews and check the Better Business Bureau ratings. Narrow your search to two or three companies and meet with representatives to get a quote. Always meet in person at your home. A mover can’t give a solid estimate without seeing exactly what needs to be moved. Get all quotes in writing, too, and then choose the company with the best services at the most affordable price.

Settle Into Your New Community

When your move is complete, make an effort to settle into your new community. Start by exploring the area according to your interests. Find some favorite spots — a coffee shop, perhaps, or a library or park. Then spread out from there. Make a list of everything you want to explore in your new city, and commit to visiting one or two places a week. Pretty soon you’ll feel like a native.

Open a Business

Finally, if you’re moving to start a new business, you’ll need to take some steps to get the process underway. Your first steps will include choosing a location, name, and business structure. You’ll also need to formulate a sales and marketing plan—carefully research your target market and how your competitors are marketing their products or services. Figure out how much you expect to earn from your business to help determine how much funding you’ll require. For more details on the process of opening a business, read about how to start a business with ZenBusiness.

Enjoy a Smooth Move

With some good planning, plenty of research, and a dose of practicality, you can start fresh and enjoy a smooth move. Determine which city to move to find a home, plan your move carefully, start your business, and take the plunge into your new life.


This guest blog was written by Jason Lewis. Connect with him at jason@strongwell.com. 

Amy Walton is a multi-certified coach who is an RYT-200, certified through Holy Yoga Global, of which she’s an ambassador. She’s also a blogger for the Moravian Commission on Congregational Development. Amy finds the most joy in life when she’s with her family and dear friends, doing anything that’s physical (hiking, hoisting weights, practicing yoga, and even laying mulch!), writing, and encouraging and empowering women to live deep in their faith with joy and purpose. Connect with her at amywaltoncoaching@gmail.com.