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In the busyness that often accompanies this season, I want to encourage you to BREATHE and to sit quietly each day. pondering what it means to you and to the world that the Word became Flesh. It’s a beautiful and mind-boggling mystery that Christians believe in their faith. Overthinking this mystery might drive you a little crazy, but just sit. And breathe.

And believe.

Breath Prayer for Advent
Inhale and raise arms: “I await You…
Exhale/hands to heart center: … Light of the World.”
Inhale and raise arms: “Enter my heart…
Exhale/hands to heart center: …Prince of Peace.”
Inhale and raise arms: “”I welcome You…
Exhale/hands to heart center: … the Word who became Flesh.”

Repeat as often as needed for focusing on Him and your breath, for taking a disconnect from all the busyness and commercialism.

With love and prayers for peace in this season of Advent,

Amy Walton is a multi-certified coach and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200) who tries to fully embrace life each and everyday, but she makes time to breathe deeply and frequently. You should, too. And if you don’t, please reach out to her. She offers online coaching and private yoga lessons in person.Connect with her at