Life Coaching Presentation by Amy Walton


First things first here:

I am a certified Christian life coach, and I trust God’s will in all things. In some recent specialty coaching sessions I’ve had with clients, I remind them of this: That unless God establishes the steps and it’s His will, situations may not ultimately work in your favor. I just want to get that out of the way!

I created a three-part program earlier this year called “Release, Desire, and Create.” In the first session–Release-– clients identified things that were draining them. In the second session, they identified what they want MORE of in their lives and named logical next steps for achieving those things (“Things” don’t usually indicate material items.). The third session had me showing them how to create and intentionally use a vision board to help them bring those things into their lives.

And we always prayed before and after our sessions. It’s actually been great fun helping the women who chose this program!

I realized, though, that I was long overdue for a “drain checkup” myself. What was sucking the energy from me? Change is SCREAMING at me! Of what do I want more in my life?

I thought I’d share a few of these with you.

Some Things That Currently Drain Me:
* Not enough sleep (Controllable by going to bed earlier)
* Not having family nearby (Out of my control, for the most part, but I’m amping up the FaceTimes and looking ahead at my own living situation.)
* Working from home most of the time. (I’m a single woman who currently lives with a cat. I consider myself an extrovert, but I do need space to study, write, create, and recharge. I NEED to be with people, so I create and accept a lot of social dates. Working from home is currently my biggest brain and energy drain, but with more things fully open now, I am working outside the home more.)
* Inconsistent behaviors by friends (I can lovingly and respectfully point this out to certain people, but I can’t control the results and must accept that.)
* A very politically divided nation (Breaks my heart. Can’t we all just get along instead of one political party trying to upstage another?)
* Living in the same house for nearly 33 years (Controllable, and I am clearing out as I honor this building that has been my home for so long.)
* The hidden clutter in my home (FB Marketplace, Ebay, and Next Door–Get Ready. I have things to sell!)
* Social media (I limit my checking/posting times and barely hang out, especially on Facebook. I took a break during Lent, and my brain was… CALM.)

Things I Want More of in My Life:
More sleep!
* Gathering with friends over food and wine and having respectful conversations about controversial issues.
* More time with my family, specifically my Hawaii-based family.
* A loving and trustworthy partner who loves me unconditionally, affirms me, and wants to spend time and share life with me and vice versa.
* Yoga and teaching yoga!
*Writing opportunities
* Travel and exploring
* A potential move

What about you?

Is a call for change shouting at you? Do you have “drainers,” be they people, your job or aspects of your job…  or other things?

What do you want MORE of in your life?

Life’s short, my friend, and I believe we must live each day to the fullest, even during our challenging times (and living to the fullest will likely look very different during those challenging times). Give voice to what is draining you, then take steps to release it as best you can.

I have a real heart for caregivers of the elderly, the immobile and ill, and parents of special needs children. If you are one of these special people, please listen to me:

I was a single mother of two boys, an only parent after we lost their dad. I was a long-distance caregiver of my elderly father in his last years, meaning I managed his finances, spoke with his assisted living facility regularly, visited him five hours away every month, and hired the most wonderful private caregiver on this planet. I HAD to take care of myself. You HAVE to take care of yourself, because caregiving is draining if you try to do it alone. Please don’t be shy in asking for help. Please bring MORE self-care into your life! I write this because I know several caregivers in each of those situations right now. Some are utilizing resources that provide them a break and time for themselves. Others are trying to do it all themselves. People can offer you help, but you choose to accept it- that old “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.”

If I can help you identify your drainers and help you intentionally create ways to re-claim your life, please contact me. It will be my pleasure to journey with you in living your best life.

Pour what’s not serving you down the drain, and fill your cup to overflowing with goodness!

I’m here for you.


Amy Walton is a multi-certified coach who lives in coastal Virginia. She is a HUGE believer in carving margin into one’s daily life and not living with stress (not always easy!). As a registered yoga teacher (RYT-200) and an Ambassador for Holy Yoga Global, Amy often incorporates breath work, scriptural meditation, and yoga into her coaching sessions. Connect with her at