When I was growing up, my daddy took me to a lot of historical places: Gettysburg (four times!), presidents’ homes, Revolutionary and Civil War battlefields…

And he’d say pretty much the same thing at every place we visited: “Now, honey, you think about this. Abraham Lincoln sat and slept in this very room the night before he gave the Gettysburg Address” or “Honey, just think: Thomas Jefferson slept in that bed and gazed out these windows each morning.”

I have to say the man really helped bring history alive for me.

During a recent conversation with some friends, one mentioned how she feels discombobulated right now in her life with all its moving pieces. I said, “Girl, you need to stand on holy ground!”

I went on to explain that any place we are standing (or sleeping or moving) is holy, because God is always there. Whether we are on our yoga mats, on grass, in sand, in water, in snow, or stomping grapes like Lucy and Ethel, every place is holy if we recognize it as such. It’s true.

We had a rather ample snowfall in Virginia beach a few weeks ago, and I set out in my snow boots to enjoy crunching my way through the beautiful white stuff. I was mindful of every step, and not just for safety reasons. I was very grateful–SO grateful– to be out in the sunshine and breathing and moving, and I thanked God for that. Yes, I was plodding through holy ground!

Where’s your holy ground?

Wherever you are standing!

Breathe deeply. Be grateful. Rejoice in God’s constant presence in your life. Where you are with Him, it’s holy ground.

And that’s the name of my coaching/yoga practice and ministry–Holy Grounding–because as a certified Christian life coach, I want all my clients to feel God’s presence and love and peace and restoration when they are with me and when they aren’t. Holy grounding…. getting grounded in what’s important in life, being rooted in Him, and stretching our branches out to extend His love to others.

It’s beautiful stuff… kind of like snow.


Amy Walton is a certified life coach and Christian life coach who currently lives in coastal Virginia (but is looking to change that). She loves helping women find their true grounding. Connect with her at amywaltoncoaching@gmail.com.