As I sit here writing this post today, I am gazing out my window at about 6 inches of untouched snow, at least in my backyard, and it looks so pure and nonthreatening.

Of course, we know that snow, specially if there’s ice on top of it, can be very treacherous. We must be careful if we decide to step outside and take a little walk or just play. I’ve no doubt many of my friends and neighbors have avoided going out, preferring to stay indoors in their warm houses and watch movies or play games or clean or any number of things. For me it’s been a day of catching up on some work and cleaning out some clothes; but because I find walks in the snow invigorating, I pulled on my trusty spotted snow boots and ventured out into the cold… the unknown world of “how are the streets in my hood?!”

And what awaited me was a short but truly invigorating walk in the snow. It was cold, but I felt SO good, and it made coming inside my warm home all the sweeter.

Are YOU hesitating to step out in the cold, to take a first step to growing in your relationship with God and others or to make some necessary or desired changes in your life?

What I have learned from my own life and in conversations with coaching clients and friends is that we most often know what we need to do and what a logical first step is, but we allow FEAR to hold us back:
* Fear of falling or failing
* Fear of rejection
* Fear of not being good enough or having the “right” qualifications
* Fear of what others think
* Fear of disappointing someone
* Fear of success (Yep, it’s a real thing!)

Where are you hesitating on taking that FIRST STEP?

Is it with your marriage or relationship, your lifestyle, your work… you know the answer, but the question is… Will you take THE STEP?
Sure, the road may be uncertain, the temperature a bit cold, and things could get a little slippery; but in order to start the process of change, we HAVE to take that first step.

And a certified Christian coach can help you in identifying what you seek, learning to listen for God’s will in your goal or desire, naming your fears, and deciding upon a first step to which you’ll really commit. That person will also be your biggest encourager and cheerleader. It’s what I do!

I don’t know where you are on your own life’s path, but I encourage you to take that first step and venture out.

And if you need some assistance or accountability, reach out to me. I’d love to give you a nudge and walk with you!


Amy Walton is a multi-certified coach, registered yoga teacher, writer, and speaker living in coastal Virginia, where it rarely snows. When it does, she happily bundles up and takes a romp through the streets. Email her at