First things first: We are control freaks.

Yes, you and I–whether we want to admit it or not–love to be in control. We want to control the outcome of certain events or control people. We get anxious boarding a boat or plane or even riding in a car when someone else is driving. Severe turbulence on an airplane occasionally hits a spot in me where I want to take control… as if I know anything (I know nothing!) about flying. We dread the day when we’re a certain age, and our adult children start having the “Should you still be driving?” conversation.

Control, control, control…

I’m always reminding coaching clients that we cannot control results. We may set our goals and put forth our best effort, but we cannot control the outcome.

I want to ask you and myself a question: Are we fully trusting God?

In my Holy Yoga class last week, I focused on TRUST. The feedback from my students confirmed I had chosen a topic with which most people struggle. We all needed that yoga session! Speaking for myself, there are many areas in life in which I absolutely do not worry. There’s full trust. I try to go back to the words of the well-known Serenity Prayer and really think about what I can and cannot change.

In some ares of my life, I am still challenged and am working to cultivate full trust.

One of the scripture passages I used in my yoga class is a familiar one, Proverbs 3:5-6. Here’s a breakdown of those verses with some thoughts and questions:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart: What does it mean to you to trust God with ALL your heart, not some of it? What does it mean to trust Him with ALL areas of your life? Think about that. Think about it long and hard. Are your trusting Him with your health (although YOU are in control of most of that by your lifestyle choices)? Your marriage and relationships? Your work? Your finances?

As with health, we DO have influence over most areas of our lives. We can nurture our marriages and relationships. We can spend more quality time with our children and engage them in life-giving conversations. We can do our best at work and be respectfully pro-active when there are issues. We can budget, save, invest, and trust a good financial advisor with our portfolios. BUT…

We can’t control the outcomes. Are you doing your best in all areas of your life and trusting God with the rest?

…and lean not on your own understanding: This verse piggybacks on and reinforces the previous verse.

We think we are so smart. We think no one else can do our job, whether that “job” is our paid work, volunteer work, taking care of children, or doing a minor home repair,

Repeat: We are control freaks, and we usually aren’t as smart as we think we are.

In all your ways submit to him: Read that verse again. It doesn’t say “in a few of your ways” or “in some of your ways.” It says “ALL of you ways.”

Take a bird’s eye view of your life. Think about where you go besides work. Think about your online behavior (especially with social media). Are you being mindful of him? Do you tap into his presence? If an invisible person could see inside your mind or your online habits or just the way you live your life, would they think you are walking your talk? God knows I have failed miserably in this area countless times, but I’ll bet you have, too. We’re human. Still, we need to really ponder that verse and our lives, thoughts, and actions.

…and he will make your paths straight: We trust with our whole heart, with ALL of it (I know… it’s not always easy, and often it’s REALLY hard). We don’t lean on our own finite brains or our self-inflated egos.  We acknowledge God in ALL our ways… all, every last one of them.

TRUST… pure and simple trust, just like a tiny baby.

As we all journey forth in our lives, let’s try to let go a bit. Let’s do our best and give God the rest.

Loosen up. Relax. Do your best. Let go.

He’s got your back. Always has.

But you have to TRUST.


Amy Walton is a multi-certified life coach and yogini who lives on the Virginia coast. She can curl her tongue, wiggle her nose, stand on one leg for a long time, and has a fondness for walking through airports and catching wafts of really good men’s cologne. She’s also a quick wit with a love and zest for life and for God. Connect with her at