Moving Forward in 2023… One Step at a Time

First things first: This has not been an easy year for me.

In fact, I think it’s been the hardest year of my life on some levels. I suppose that’s saying something given my history. To say I am ready to turn the page is an understatement. “Ready to turn the page” underlined about five times in red Sharpie! I will absolutely honor the good that’s come from this year–especially a mind shift I needed to do regarding a certain situation–and I thank God for the abundance of good.

Now I am ready to step into 2023 with a fresh, big page!

As I write this post, I am currently in Hawaii enjoying time with my family. Last night I asked my two youngest granddaughters what their word for the year is going to be. I explained to them that I have chosen a guiding word for my own life in 2023, and I shared the word with them. They did not miss a beat in telling me their own words (I love not overthinking!).

My 11-year-old granddaughter quickly shared her word, peace, explaining she wants peace in her family and peace in the world, especially for Ukraine. Her 6-year-old sister uttered a slew of words: Compassion, gratitude, calm, and a few others.

Yes, a six-year-old. Yes, I am impressed and quite proud.

Many coaches have clients go through exercises to determine their guiding word; and while I think that has tremendous value, I also think it’s sometimes best not to overthink, because we already know what we need.

My own word for 2023 is FORWARD. I am moving forward in

  • Amping up the decluttering a few areas of my home
  • Making a decision on my future living location
  • Pouring into my business/ministry
  • Writing a Bible study
  • Having a forward mindset that empowers me to move beyond situations that are not working or feeding my spirit and to honor the good parts of those situations
  • Moving out of my own way


Those are just a few areas of forward movement for me in 2023.

What about you? What will be your guiding word?

Just sit and think about your life in 2022. Where did you feel stuck? Of what are you letting go? What do you want from life and to do with you life? Don’t overthink, choose your word, and write down the steps that reflect that word.

Here’s to forward movement. Here’s to your word and mine.

Here’s to a new year of life. Live it well.


Amy Walton is a multi-certified life coach who currently lives in coastal Virginia. She much prefers moving forward than parking in the past and can’t wait to welcome 2023. Connect with her at