Amy practicing yoga on the beach


By Leslie Campos

Practicing yoga can be great for stress reduction, something of which busy and overworked managers are in dire need. ZenBusiness points out that, due to all the responsibilities and commitments they have on a daily basis, finding a healthy work-life balance is the top stressor work supervisors face.

Of course, no matter your role at work and in life, yoga is also great for staying fit, and luckily, it can be practiced both from home and at the studio. If you’re concerned about returning to the studio while COVID-19 is still a concern but you’re still new to the practice, you can keep learning by taking online classes in the comfort of home. Or, if you’re keen to get back to the studio, you can keep yourself safe by wearing a mask and keeping yourself distanced from others. Read on for some more tips from Amy Walton Coaching.

Q1. How can I practice safely at the studio?

 A1. Check with your studio and ensure they’ve taken safety precautions to minimize risk, but also remember to wear a mask if you’re practicing indoors.



Q2. What ways can I practice safely with others?

 A2. You can practice safely outdoors with plenty of physical distancing in place or with group video chats.




Q3. What gear do I need to safely practice at home?

A3. You should aim to get a yoga mat and blocks and consider using a computer to watch online yoga videos.



Getting back into yoga will do wonders for your mind and body; follow this advice to your home practice going or to feel confident about returning to the studio.



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